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Strange Things Behind (Belgian) Windows
Strange Things Behind (Belgian) Windows

Strange Things Behind (Belgian) Windows

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Strange Things Behind Belgian Windows is exactly what its title describes: a series of photos of the strange and intriguing objects people display behind their windows, for passers-by to look at. These tableaus will make you smile, or maybe even stop and reflect. A stuffed fox, a portrait of Christ, a dusty Egyptian bust, a globe with gaudy colours. They are exhibited like treasures behind a glass screen, inviting you to wonder about the stories behind them, or about the daily lives going on behind the facade. Photographer Jean-Luc Feixa roamed the streets and avenues of Brussels for months, with his camera in hand, curious about the hidden spots and the unique colours of his new hometown. In his photos he manages to catch that typically Belgian oddity that's so hard to put into words: colourful, quirky and a bit surrealistic.


Luster - april 2020
208 pagina's
17,1 x 11,5 x 2 cm
ISBN 9789460582714