DIY - Vintage Camera - Needlepoint kit
DIY - Vintage Camera - Needlepoint kit

DIY - Vintage Camera - Needlepoint kit

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One of the essential accessories to fix the memories of micro or macro adventure in a vintage style. This needlepoint kit is an invitation to go out and take snapshots but also spend time for yourself and freeze time for a few hours. Once framed, it may make you want to go out and explore your city, the forest, the surrounding countryside or go on a long-distance trip? Contents

This complete needlepoint kit contains everything you need:

  • A printed fabric 
  • A blunt tip needle
  • The threads necessary for the realization in 1/2 point
  • An Illustrated card and instructions on the back
  • Not provided: a pair of scissors
Packaging: Beautiful recyclable and reusable Fukuri box that allows you to store your work nicely from one time to the next
Level of difficulty: soooo easy. Even if you've never touched a needle yet you'll do this without any problem.



Afmetingen: 26,5 x 19,5 x 4,5 cm